Propel Charter Schools 21st Century Community Learning Centers (2012-Present)

In 2012, CEAC was contracted as the evaluator for Propel Charter Schools 21st Century Community Learning afterschool program. Propel Schools is a not - for - profit federation of public charter schools based in Pittsburgh, PA that serves students in economically distressed communities throughout the region. Like many children in schools across the country, most Propel students leave school to return home to unsupervised time, until parents arrive home from work. The communities which Propel serves are marked by vacant homes, crumbling infrastructure, low incomes, high unemployement and high crime.Thus, students from Propel leave a protective supportive school environment to areas that expose them to temptations and potential harm not seen in safer more affluent communities. Recognizing the impact these issues had on their students, Propel sought funding from the 21st Century Coummunity Learning Centers ( 21CCLC) Fund to create a comprehensive and sustainable afterschool program that was designed to improve academic performance and promote postive character traits. 

21st CCLC funding supports the creation of community learning centers providing academic enrichment opportunities during non-school hours for children, particularly students who attend high-poverty and low-performing schools. Grants are awarded for out of school activities that advance student academic achievement. These opportunities are designed to help students meet state and local standards in core academic subjects, such as reading and math.

Propel has established the afterschool programming at 3 sites: two high schools, each housing grades 9 though 12, and one middle school, housing grades 6 through 8. The grant was awarded for 3 years, beginning in June 2012. Funding from a 21st CCLC grant has allowed Propel to expand its current afterschool programing, increasing capacity and strengthening academic content and improve behaviors. 

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